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2961Re: [steiner] Re: "Swedenborg's Power of Vision"", by Rudolf Steiner

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  • LilOleMissy
    Dec 19, 2004
      Dear Sonia,

      How great to read Swedenborg! :) It says a lot about your discrimination
      of thought and contemplation to spot so much in Steiner's words, and it
      seems to me the impulses at work during the 4th Post Atlantean Epoch
      very often come to us during the 5th P.A. Epoch in a very different
      form, an evolving of consciousness, perhaps, so to say. I think it is in
      "From Jesus to Christ" where Steiner compares so minutely the Jesuit
      Path and a differing Path as well as how they effect the individuality
      and mankind et al in general. I wonder if Loyola might be mentioned
      somewhere in that work?! I don't believe I've thought to look for him
      there. It's interesting also how such a strong scientific impulse was at
      work within Swedenborg. The plot thickens - keep us posted? :)



      sonia easley wrote:

      > *Sheila,*
      > * *
      > *I decided to read one of Swedenborg's books. I understood that
      > /Heaven and Hell/ was the most popular. I knew something was missing
      > when I found no mention at all of reincarnation and karma. Perhaps
      > these subjects appear in another book by this author. *
      > **
      > *Nevertheless, after reading the post by you, /Swedenborg’s Power of
      > Vision/, I noted the comments by RS regarding Swedenborg not being
      > able to understand the spirits from Mars, and also that we must be
      > able to join the choir of angelic beings in order to truly understand
      > truth without falling into pure imagination. Steiner's respectful
      > words related to Swedenborg's scientific contributions touched me.
      > And, RS pointed out that Swedenborg was a product of his time.*
      > * *
      > *In Karmic Relationships, Volume 8, RS stated his surprise that Loyola
      > would pledge allegiance to the Popes' -unconditionally. It is with
      > this solemn dedication that Loyola stayed on after his earthly death
      > to guide the Jesuit movement, even though, according to RS, the
      > movement was taken over by less than good forces. Then Loyola
      > experiences his new expression as Emanual Swedenborg.*
      > **
      > *It seems difficult to pull these two individualities together.
      > Knowing why they are related and relevant to each other is the
      > intriguing puzzle for me at present*
      > **
      > *Warmest regards,*
      > **
      > *Sonia*
      > */LilOleMissy <lilolemissy@...>/* wrote:
      > It's amazing how much I learn for myself just by typing up such
      > wonderful things, Sonia, and I'm the one to profit. I'm really
      > happy to
      > have made your day - :) but I do wish we had something about Loyola
      > other than what is found in the Kar. Rel. series and perhaps
      > "somewhere"
      > else! I'm beginning to wonder just where to look. Today in
      > response to a
      > kind friend, I became immersed in Steiner's November 1917
      > lectures, five
      > entitled [in my 1946 edition!] "Psychoanalysis in the Light of
      > Anthroposophy" and even though I'd read it before, I felt ashamed to
      > have missed so very much, and in particular in regard to the
      > effects we
      > reap in subsequent lives from our current moral standards. So very
      > much
      > is explained I should have been using in my work, but to salve my
      > bruised ego, I hastily recalled the fact that we don't absorb certain
      > matters until we are ripe for them. :)
      > I was very glad to see your recent question about the Etheric
      > Christ and
      > didn't know just what to say, nor do I now. All of us most definitely
      > should wake up, and somehow I have the feeling that perhaps many
      > people
      > actually have! I hope that's not a contradiction in terms, since
      > we're
      > increasingly seeing ever more vicious attacks against Christianity
      > per
      > se - but then the Etheric Christ isn't conventional Christianity
      > as it's
      > usually thought of. Somewhere Steiner mentions Anthroposophy is -
      > or may
      > be - similar to the early Christians down in their Roman catecombs
      > for
      > so very long before being widely enough accepted to see the light of
      > day! Regardless, it seems to me that while the Etheric Christ is
      > working, perhaps without our recognition, that it is we who lack a
      > proper ability to work in a right way with and for Him without a
      > proper
      > awareness - we simply must do our best.
      > Cheers Indeed!
      > Sheila
      > soniaeasley2002 wrote:
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