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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    Oct 18, 2004
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      >I'm curious and optomistic about the outcome of
      >today's events.  Realizing a democratic nation through
      >the unleashing of awesome deadly force from an
      >external party in a place that has no experience
      >living within a democratic society is something that
      >hasn't worked too well in recent memory.

      eyecueco@... writes:
      Guess you have not kept up with what is happening in Afganistan.
      Kaul is no longer a capitol of silence and street beatings of women
      for  not having their berka on straight, Girls are now going to school,
      the soccer field there is now used for athletic games instead of public
      executions (throats slit).
      If you are only watching John Steward and or the MSM no wonder
      you seem confused.
      It is so very sad that there are so very few like Br. Ron.  So many
      don't get it that we are in another world war.  What is especially
      disappointing to me personally is to have discovered, since 9-11
      that the mindset of so many who consider themselves anthroposophists
      is that of left-wing socialism. Socialism is deadly to the developing
      ego consciousness....

      *******It's the reason why I have not been very active with the Society in the US, and not at all with the Social Science section, despite being a professor of the social sciences: the leftist bias. Socialism is a materialistic-thought-based illusion that anyone on the spiritual path must see through eventually. That so many anthroposophists were rabid leftists was depressing to me when I first found it to be so in the 1980s, and only showed me that they had not really gotten anywhere on the Path yet.

      You might possibly consider reading something of Victor
      David Hanson (victorhanson.com).  He knows a thing or two
      about both the classic world, a lot about warfare, and  has
      something intelligent to say about the state of things today.
      He's not an anthropop, but, it is interesting to discover that
      he says essentially the same thing, from a secular voice,
      that Johannes Walter Stein said,  (i.e., that this confrontation
      with the East at the end of the 20th Century) is a battle that
      must be won if the world is to progress onward rather than fall
      back into a tragic dark age. 
      One  of the sorriest points missed by the bleeding heart liberal in his
      or her blinding,  thought-stopping hatred for 'Dubya' is that the time
      has come for the East to be brought into the 21st Century, and if the
      current campaign against the Islamic terrorist, (which I am absolutely 
      convinced is the repetition of the Battle of Salamis predicted by Stein)
      meets with failure, then the chance for the East to move on from tribal,
      group ego consciousness will be lost, with the gravest of consequences
      for the West and civilization in general.
      It is really important for those who call themselves anthopops to remember
      that these conflicts arise first in the higher worlds, and are then played
      out down here below in this sad, broken domain.  It's not nice, it even
      sucks, but, that's the game and the one that we are stuck in for a long
      time to come.  (Another reference to ponder is Trithemius and what he
      tells us about what happens during the Time Reign of the various

      ********As a matter of fact, by Thithemius von Spondheim's 343-year cycles (which Steiner pointed to), a replay or repeat of the Battle of Salamis, which is to say a catclysmic confrontation between the inividuality-denying East and the individual-affirming West, was forecast for either Sept. 2000 or Sept. 2001, depending how you calculate.
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