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2851Re: [steiner] Jesus Wept

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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    Oct 18, 2004
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      In a message dated 10/14/2004 5:54:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time, social_artist@... writes:

      I pondered this following this afternoon and decided
      to put it on the forum.  Per the third paragraph of
      this e-mail, if you have knowledge of instances when
      Steiner discussed the motivation for Jesus's weeping,
      I'd be most interested in learning of them.

      ******* I know of the most famous case. The shortest verse of the Bible is "Jesus wept" ----at the raising of Lazarus. It was said that way to draw attention to the fact that the Christ was doing something special: through his love for the man Lazarus, he was initiating him, just as the initiates in olden times used the power of love to keep a candidate alive as they separated his etheric body from his physical one, in memory of which the initiate was afterwards known as "the Loved One." This man, Lazarus, later became the apostle John, always referred to as the disciple the Lord "loved."

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