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    Oct 15, 2004
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      I got the word "sociopath" from Mr. Morrell's posting.
      His words were:

      "True sociopathic personalities who have no regard for
      humanity walk among us. And they can't be subdued
      with "gentle healing," just as the Nazi's couldn't, or
      Genghis Khan. They only respect one thing. Power."

      I was not intending to contradict Mr. Morrell's
      statements with my own by responding to it. As you
      demonstrate, sociopath was not the best word which
      could have been used in relation to the Nazis and
      Genghis Khan.

      I said specifically that I was "curious and optomistic
      about today's events." I was not disregarding the
      current state of affairs in Afganistan by stating that
      we are not yet out of the woods. Recent history has
      shown that our task is difficult, which is something
      we've all been saying in one form or another. Stating
      that we have our work cut out for us is not the same
      as saying we're doomed to failure or that the work
      isn't worthy of completion.

      I don't appreciate being directly attacked on what I
      have said without a full understanding of my position.
      In emphasizing caution, I am not encouraging defeat
      or retreat in this struggle.

      I'm saddened to see that little can come in the way of
      elevated discourse in regard to current events in this
      forum. I don't believe that I've contradicted Br.
      Ron's statements in any way by my postings, and yet
      others see fit to attack me for perceived views that I
      do not hold. It is a wise thing to be careful to be
      sure the attacks we make on one another are reasoned
      and justified and not a reaction to a perceived threat
      that may not exist.

      I enjoy experiencing other people's passions and
      positions on these serious issues. I'm thankful
      you've opened yourselves up to me without knowing much
      about me at all, allowing me to see where you're
      coming from. Some of us are stuck in our good ways
      and have a tendency to get a little worked up, but I
      value what I read on the site and work to grasp what
      people are writing as best I can, even when I'm not
      sure I completely understand or agree with everything
      that I'm reading, and even when the responses I
      receive to my posts are intended to be hurtful or
      demeaning in a way that my original posts were not. I
      am convinced that some of the nastier tones in the
      broader dialogue could have been avoided without
      losing the intended point.

      After all, I'm not the guy on the street shouting
      antiwar statements at the rally of the Socialist
      Party. Despite what some have insinuated, I'm really
      not. I'm just struggling to learn what other's
      opinions are on these matters and explore new sources
      of information. I'm coming to the forum as an eager
      student, not an electronic terrorist.

      I hope I've made a little sense through all this.

      > >I'm curious and optomistic about the outcome of
      > >today's events. �Realizing a democratic nation
      > through
      > >the unleashing of awesome deadly force from an
      > >external party in a place that has no experience
      > >living within a democratic society is something
      > that
      > >hasn't worked too well in recent memory.
      > Guess you have not kept up with what is happening in
      > Afganistan.
      > Kaul is no longer a capitol of silence and street
      > beatings of women
      > for� not having their berka on straight, Girls are
      > now going to school,
      > the soccer field there is now used for athletic
      > games instead of public
      > executions (throats slit).
      > If you are only watching John Steward and or the MSM
      > no wonder
      > you seem confused.
      > It is so very sad that there are so very few like
      > Br. Ron. �So many
      > don't get it that we are in another world war. �What
      > is especially
      > disappointing to me personally is to have
      > discovered, since 9-11
      > that the mindset of so many who consider themselves
      > anthroposophists
      > is that of left-wing socialism. Socialism is deadly
      > to the developing
      > ego consciousness.
      > �
      > We are not in the 6th epoch yet.
      > The conquering by the sword for the greater good is
      > still a necessity
      > in these times, just as it was when Alexander
      > unleased his
      > "awesome deadly force" across most of the known
      > world, and
      > King Arthur unleased "awesome deadly force"
      > throughout
      > Britain .
      > You might possibly consider reading something of
      > Victor
      > David Hanson (victorhanson.com). � He knows a thing
      > or two
      > about both the classic world, a lot about warfare,
      > and has
      > something intelligent to say about the state of
      > things today.
      > He's not an anthropop, but, it is interesting to
      > discover that
      > he says essentially the same thing, from a secular
      > voice,
      > that Johannes Walter Stein said, (i.e., that this
      > confrontation
      > with the East at the end of the 20th Century) is a
      > battle that
      > must be won if the world is to progress onward
      > rather than fall
      > back into a tragic dark age. �
      > One of the sorriest points missed by the bleeding
      > heart liberal in his
      > or her blinding, thought-stopping hatred for
      > 'Dubya' is that the time
      > has come for the East to be brought into the 21st
      > Century, and if the
      > current campaign against the Islamic terrorist,
      > (which I am absolutely
      > convinced is the repetition of the Battle of Salamis
      > predicted by Stein)
      > meets with failure, then the chance for the East to
      > move on from tribal,
      > group ego consciousness will be lost, with the
      > gravest of consequences
      > for the West and civilization in general.
      > It is really important for those who call themselves
      > anthopops to remember
      > that these conflicts arise first in the higher
      > worlds, and are then played
      > out down here below in this sad, broken domain.
      > �It's not nice, it even
      > sucks, but, that's the game and the one that we are
      > stuck in for a long
      > time to come. (Another reference to ponder is
      > Trithemius and what he
      > tells us about what happens during the Time Reign of
      > the various
      > archangels).
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