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  • Social Artist
    Oct 15, 2004
      True sociopaths not only respect power but also crave
      it and find strength wherever it is being unleashed,
      both from the left and the right.

      I'm curious and optomistic about the outcome of
      today's events. Realizing a democratic nation through
      the unleashing of awesome deadly force from an
      external party in a place that has no experience
      living within a democratic society is something that
      hasn't worked too well in recent memory. Though I do
      believe it's possible and have much hope and belief
      that it will happen, this battle is far from over.
      The outcome of these events is not yet sealed, and it
      would be foolish not to proceed with caution before
      announcing total victory with bravado.

      Overall, these conversations don't play well on the
      Internet. These dialogues would be different if we
      were able to have them face to face in the same room.
      Try as we may, it's easy for the written word to be
      taken out of context and misunderstood with shades of
      meaning lost in the translation. My last posts have
      been taken as an endorsement of Kerry, which was most
      certainly not intended. Were I known in this forum as
      more than another blip in the chat room, this would
      probably be evident, as it is to those who do know me.

      Even my choice of a screen name, Social Artist, was
      construed as a proof of support for the socialist
      system. I was endorsing social unity by suggesting
      the formation of neighborhood gatherings, but not
      socialist enconomic theory. Br. Ron stated that if
      the United States were truly united in the fight in
      Vietnam that there would have been a very different
      outcome. Along those lines, seeing that our country
      is not altogether united during this conflict should
      give one pause when considering the potential outcome
      this time around.

      I had intended to relate that if more people in this
      country were to work harder at thinking for themselves
      instead of abstaining from making difficult choices,
      then a candidate like John Kerry would quite likely
      not be as popular. Br. Ron's post is proof of this.
      He took the time to analyze what he had experienced
      and formed his own reasoned opinion on the matter. I
      haven't seen much reasoned analysis that makes a
      strong case for Kerry as a candidate. If there were
      more people who got their news analysis from
      individual sources such as Br. Ron than the singular
      John Stewart, I'd like to believe we'd be better off.

      Ridiculing other's expressions of thought in sloppy,
      sarcastic and cynical ways is a poor method of
      commanding respect and should be avoided in
      educational forums. Politics! It prompts us to
      behave in unusual ways.

      These are horrible and painful times with one
      worldwide fire fight after another over the past
      century. It's not a sign of fatal weakness for one to
      take time to connect with the pain in this world and
      respect those who are risking everything for a better
      way of life further down the line.

      In case there's any confusion, this is not intended as
      an endorsement of government sponsored healthcare.


      --- "LilOleMissy@..."
      <lilolemissy@...> wrote:

      Mathew Morrell wrote:
      I'm always impressed by how Br Ron formulates his
      thoughts. Very
      poetic and thoughtful.

      Social_Artist made some good points as well. I too am
      waiting for
      the day when gentle healing, not bullets, is capable
      of subduing the
      blackest motivations. However I think that day is a
      long way off.
      True evil exists. True sociopathic personalities who
      have no regard
      for humanity walk among us. And they can't be subdued
      with "gentle
      healing," just as the Nazi's couldn't, or Genghis
      Khan. They only
      respect one thing. Power.

      Thank goodness the World War II generation had this
      within them. Had they not, Social Artist would be a
      lamp shade or
      he would be speaking German.

      Mathew Morrell

      Interesting thoughts here and well expressed. I'm
      sitting in front ofthe TV as every American is while
      trying to balance my plastic tray ofgoodness knows
      WHAT can THAT "food" came out of, ignoring my
      children["I don't care if you DO descend down into the
      Monterey Canyon in thatRov - just take your
      oceanography junk and lemme be, OK?!"], hidingfrom
      neighbors who, like me, of course lack any incentive
      to formneighborly groups, anyway, since all I want to
      do right now isconcentrate on Steiner's warnings
      contained in his "Apocolyptic"Lectures to the Priests
      describing just these very times. Seems to meSteiner
      warned us to the effect that "scarcely 1/4th of the
      newmillenium shall have passed before..." - oh, well,
      everyone can read itfor themselves since as an
      American I can't leave the TV or my plastictray of
      goodness-knows-what inedible gunk came out of that can
      - letalone...[yawn...] um - now WHAT is it about the
      name/word SOCIAL thatreminds me of
      Socialism=Liberalism=Kerry? Heavens to Betsy - NOW I
      haveto think! [shudder...] - maybe we SHOULD have
      Kerry as president andget his impending horror in the
      Asuras' name started NOW! Gee, it's SOdifficult to
      know WHAT to do, but no doubt I'll be instructed in my
      duties by the wise council of - um - lack of freedom
      of thought?

      Cheers, since worse - uh - better, uh huh BETTER Kerry
      days are ahead!WOOOOHOOOO,


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