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  • LilOleMissy@SBCglobal.net
    Oct 14, 2004
      Thank you, Br. Ron! You have stated truth.


      Br. Ron wrote:
      This is just my opinion and good folks can disagree.
      Qabala is a wonderful spiritual tool because it reveals
      the location of spiritual shadows.
      Let's apply this to American politics.
      John Kerry to be not only and opportunistic machine
      but a full blown traitor....both in the 70s and now.

      First, look into his face. It doesn't take a Cagliostro to see
      he only occasionally departs from the haunting image of 'just
      another genderless, talking head.'
      Clever?...Yes....to the point of demagoguery but more importantly
      he lacks that essential soul quality associated with a vulnerable
      conscience. Kerry seems blissfully free of both passion and heart,
      Bereft of any genuine 'fire in the belly' he lives up to the
      Qabalistic term
      'qliphoth'.....which is but a shell.

      Kerry gets his juice from professional victims and survives
      politically by simple negativity and doubt...by making all things
      pertaining to the US an "error."

      His opportunistic grandstanding in the Seventies torpedoed our
      "might for right" and served to lead to the wholesale
      slaughter of nearly a million Vietnamese after the war...to say
      nothing of setting up Pol Pot's evil rampage in Cambodia.

      Had we been truly the UNITED States in winning that conflict,
      there would have been far fewer human casualties and we would
      have established a bright bastion of freedom in Indochina.
      (A case in point is what we saw taking root this weekend in Afghanistan,
      sporting endless lines of men and women risking life and limb to get
      to vote...... for the first time ever!)

      Regardless of the rampant left wing cynicism, this war
      aint all just about money and oil. It is not even about Iraq or
      the Middle East. It's a cosmic power grab chronicled in the texts of
      every major religion,... albeit by different names.

      There are parasitic forces tempting us from our bravery
      and degrading our duty; our heavenly mandate of sacrifice and
      promulgation of  'Good' performed in manly and knightly ways.
      If this vampirism succeeds, all Life on Earth will cease.

      As a man, I see ridding the world of parasitic tyranny is a
      chivalrous duty. Chivalry is a religion not unlike the Samurai.
      But "Might for Right" is a creed grasped only by practitioners
      of TRUE self sacrificial Love, a concept for which the political left
      gives lip service but has absolutely no grasp.

      Kerry cannot win. ....He MUST NOT win.

      Fortunately, Americans are ultimately driven by an innate sense of right
      and wrong. I trust us to distinguish between the verbose, reflected specter
      of 'lunar light' in contrast to the real thing. True Beings of Light demonstrate
      Spirit and self reliance, not social dependency. They display the self generating
      Solar Light emanating from yes, the Sun of God.

      Remember King Arthur had an effeminate offspring like our slick
      friend. Mordred was massaged, oiled and pussified daily by his
      mother, Morgan LeFay. This lunar witch was Arthur's sister
      with whom he slept. Mordred, the incestual offspring of this union,
      ultimately brought down Arthur's solar kingdom which in truth was
      initiated by the Christos.

      This archetypal gender battle repeating itself once again
      on the stage of American and global politics. The I-Ching has a
      hexagram ('KUN...The Receptive...with a moving line at the top)
      which says:
          "In the top place the Yin (female) element should yield to the light.
          If it attempts to maintain a position to which it is not entitled
          and to rule instead of serving, it draws down on itself the anger
          of the strong. A struggle ensues in which it is overthrown,
          with injury, however, to both sides. Therefore, it is a sign
          that in unnatural contest both primal powers (Male and Female)
          suffer injury."

      This gender confusion of Yang in relation to Yin is symbolized in
      every religion including the story in Genesis with Adam disconnecting
      from his Reason..his Oversoul in order to follow Eve's impulsive Nature

      This sounds sexist...but it isn't. Nor am I suggesting
      the masculine principle is somehow 'better' than the feminine.
      It's just that each has it's appropriate place within ourselves
      and within cosmic order.
      It simply means that Reason should guide impulse and emotion
      in each of us.... at all times. Reason is "The Head of the House"

      Kerry is a Massachusetts 'dandy' who has doubtless been
      circumcised with pinking shears.

      His politics and demeanor are much like his manicure...
      slick...polished and preened strictly for public approval.

      A glib wordsmith he is, a knightly warrior he aint....

      If he ever did rescue the king's maiden daughter, he
      would not have done it for Chivalry ...nor even because it was the
      right thing to do. He would have done it to win the king's daughter
      .........and to latch onto his estate.

      Behold Mordred!

      This terrorist thing upon us now is VERY huge.
      It may not live up to Rudolph Steiner's 'War of All Against All'
      but there definitely is a global religious Jihad/Crusade afoot and it is
      also cosmic. It is the struggle between the forces of civilization .....
      .....and Chaos itself.

      Remember the 'Never Ending Story?'  This drama is unfolding again.
      "The 'Nothing'" approaches and there are two options left to us:
      1. Fight without quarter.
      2. Deny it and choose "peace at any price."
      I for one, choose the former because the latter is the
      sure recipe for "short term pleasure, long term pain."

      Hairspray and a razor cuts somehow lose their meaning when
      adorning a severed head.

      Br. Ron

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