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2792Re: [steiner] Strader Machine

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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    Aug 16, 2004
      DoctorStarman@... wrote:
      >These people lived and worked 100 years ago--- so do you know of any
      >devices actually built and working, like radionics devices, or the
      >energy medicine devices designed by the Cayce Readings, or Wilhelm
      >Reich's orgone devices? Who is using them? Has anyone here had
      >experience with them?
      > -starman
      sirius777@... writes:
      Do you have a high speed connection? i can send you video.

      *******Yes I do, but how about just an answer instead?

         If it's a case of the devices designed by Cayce's source, I can tell you where they can be bought, and in the catalog, how they're to be used is clearly described and the different parts and principles of their functioning are clearly laid out. Instead of a long conceptual dissertation explaining how something is SUPPOSED to work, heavy on theory and short on practice (like this fellow Drunvalo and others like him give out, when they have no actual working machines to show), I'd just like to know what machines people here have first-hand experience with ---- have either operated themselves or seen in daily operation. I have had direct experience with the Cayce devices, with sensitive crystallization, and a few other devices. Student of Steiner and Wilhelm Reich Trevor James Constable has his latest invention here:


         I'm looking for practical experience other people have had with new technology..
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