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2780Re: [steiner] Guns'n'Roses

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  • Renee Lattimore
    Jul 31 8:02 PM
      There is a lot of information in Edward Reaugh Smith's book, The Incredible Births of Jesus.  Hope this helps.

      Mathew Morrell <tma4cbt@...> wrote:
      My ideas on the two-Jesus children are based mostly on speculation,
      and probably a pinch of logic. Therefore I'm no authority on the
      matter.  The people who should comment on this topic are the
      genius's of this Forum who probably have this subject painstakingly
      mapped out in their minds, like Dr. Starman, Br Ron, and Paulina.

      My feelings and instincts are, quite honestly, somewhat revolted by
      the idea that Jesus was some kind of composite being, or a fabric of
      personalities sewn together like a rag doll. That idea doesn't
      resonate within me.  I'm sorry.  However, I do believe the astral
      body of the "Jesus of Egypt" was absorbed by the Luke Jesus in order
      to prepare him for the monumental trials that lie ahead, and without
      which he would not have been fully capable of expressing the Christ
      impulse with such perfection.  Jesus to me had one I AM.  And I
      think Steiner believed so as well. 

      But what do I know? I'm, in the words of Axel Rose, "just a small
      town white boy just trying to make ends meet." 

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