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2772Re: [steiner] The da Vinci Code/Holy Blood, Holy Grail

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  • Pierre Gringoire
    Jul 11 5:11 AM
      Dr. Starman wrote:
      ...the Priory of Sion was NOT founded in 1099. In fact, it's a fiction: it's since been revealed to have all been a hoax by a man named Pierre Plantard, who planted the documents in the Bibliotheque Nationale in 1975 for them to find.  Brown based his whole book The Da Vinci Code on "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", and apparently still has not discovered that book's authors were the victim of a mere hoax by Plantard. 
      I think he is right on this.  I first came across the Priory of Sion/Rennes-le-Chatteau 'mystery' in a Colin Wilson book a few years ago.  The information contained in the book seemed confusing then, and still does now.  When I first read about it, my impression was that I was reading two or perhaps three different stories scrambled up together.  The Priory of Sion draws on the mystery of what became of the Knights Templar after their treatment by Phillip IV, adds the symbolic imagery of the grail, and wraps this around a 'secret brotherhood' who possess a great secret.  All of these things have an element of truth to them.. This is a good illustration of how, for an untruth to be convincing, it is not necessary for it to be a complete lie.  There is probably nothing more damaging than truth mixed with untruth.
      For those who are interested, the following website provides supporting information regarding the Priory of Sion hoax.  I found it well written and informative.
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