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2742The Soul-calendar Zodiac Images

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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    May 31, 2004
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      ******* Just a little note to wrap up an old matter: a few months ago a fellow joined here and started insisting I was all wrong in the dates for the 12 zodiac images in the Soul-Calendar I send you here each week. Since they are printed right on my copies of the 12 images, I was fairly sure they were right, but instead of a discussion he did logical exercises 'proving' he was right about using other dates from astronomy, and then started saying any old anthroposophists who ever said anything different must have been 'traitors'. That was enough for me to end the discussion.

          Well, all of you who are Society members probably just received the same thing I did in the mail, a lovely card with one of the images, that of Cancer the Crab, with the explanation that these 12 which I put here were done by artist Margot Rossler (as I already knew) a half century ago, but actually as GLASS ETCHINGS which these drawings are duplicates of, all almost identical to Imma von Eckherdstein's originals in the 1912 Soul-calendar (they must be something to see, the glass work).

           In a note at the bottom of the card, the Society affirms that the dates I've been sending out were indeed the original ones Rudolf Steiner put in the original Soul-calendar and that, as I said, they do not correspond to either the tropical or the sidereal zodiac. They are  unequal in length but not the same as the standard dates for the sun's entrance into the constellations; rather, I believe from experience working with the changing years that they are the dates he spiritually sensed the influences of the 12 groups of beings beginning and ending from his own direct experience.

        A little reminder that Dr. Steiner always emphasized that we must attain to direct experience of spiritual things, not merely speculate or intellectualize about them.

      Dr. Starman