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  • Sena Fernando
    Jun 2, 2000
      Why is history important? It is clearly important for Rudolf Steiner
      because, in his view, the work of Christ is the central event both in
      human history and in the spiritual evolution of mankind. The Eastern
      philosophies in general do not ascribe a similar importance to
      history, conceiving of history as a sequence of never-ending
      meaningless cycles of evolution and involution.
      One reason why history is important is that
      unless we pay due attention to it there are those who would sell us
      their own warped versions of it, as Marx did with his dialectical
      materialism. Another reason is that unless we have some idea of the
      history of the human race we will not understand our own personal
      histories. Many people now recognize that Freud's description of
      individual psychology in terms of childhood sexual development is an
      inadequate one.
      As I am aware that some members of this group are
      involved with education, I would be interested to read their views on
      the above topic as it relates to an individual's development from
      childhood to adulthood.