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2585Re: [steiner] Biotech Question

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  • LilOleMissy
    Jan 29, 2004
      Dear George,

      It is my understanding Steiner said at least on one occasion that man would learn to create life sooner or later in an unconventional way. I apologize for not being able to pinpoint the actual source or methodology hinted intended. Regarding the field of genetics, the work of David Heaf, Anthroposophical geneticist, is outstanding and you may wish to look at his web site: http://www.anth.org/ifgene/2002.htm  as well as the links included therein.



      Social Artist <social_artist@...> wrote:

      I am wondering if anyone is familiar with anything
      Rudolf Steiner might have said or written regarding
      today's advances in biotechnology.  It is fascinating
      that scientists are learning to rearrange DNA and cell
      structures in a way that we may realize in the not too
      distant future great advances in engineering the
      mechanics of life and create living machines.  In
      addition to the bizarre idea of growing headless
      clones for organ farming, it seems the day will come
      when we might be able to develop a strain of tree that
      grows itself into the shape of a table, or a chair, or
      even the structure of a house.

      It is my understanding that Steiner wrote of a time
      when the human ability to affect life forces was such
      that humans were able to direct the growth of plants.
      It is my understanding that abuses of these forces led
      to the Atlantean flood.

      Thank you for your help.


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         dancer is mad.
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