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  • LilOleMissy
    Jan 28, 2004
      Dear Dr. Starman,
      I sincerely regret the opinion expressed below regarding a serious researcher working on true astrology from Rudolf Steiner's astronomy and astrology indications and must respectfully disagree. It is unfortunate such an one as Rick Bobbette could ever be found by anyone as entertaining 'fixed ideas' and/or designating as a 'traitor' anyone disagreeing with him, since these conclusions simply do not apply nor are they justified. Steiner's unfinished work in the field of astrology was indeed headed in a right direction by Dr. Vreede, and it would seem not only her work but that of Sucre would most definitely apply and be exemplified further by a devoted adherent to Truth, rather than that of those such as Powell and the like. 
      It would seem Prokofieff's work is indeed appropriate, and perhaps his and Marie Steiner's theme of forgiveness would apply to all individuals, rather than a select one here or another there? The old phrase of "tables turned" might be descriptive, as well as that of Ole Shakey: "The truth will out."
      Most Sincerely,
      Sheila Pickerill
       - Those who cannot hear the music think that the dancer is mad.

      *******Sheila, I'd appreciate it if you would no longer forward messages from someone removed from this list for finding anyone who doesn't agree with his fixed ideas to be a 'traitor'. That attitude is quite the opposite of one conducive to developing spiritual knowledge, as we all just read in Knowledge of the Higher Worlds. It destroys the atmosphere which we need to cultivate for such. There are other internet lists which have no such atmosphere, where people can vent all they wish.

         Coincidentally, just as these screeds resurrecting old accusations from the days when there were great differences of opinion in the Society reached me, I was reading Prokofieff's "Occult Significance of Forgiveness" in which the remarkable letter Marie Steiner wrote asking members to forgive each other may be found, along with a brief reply from Ita Wegman. Well worth reading and pondering.


       -Those who cannot hear the music think that the
         dancer is mad.
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