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2534Re: [steiner] Ch. 6 Pt. 1 -Results of Initiation: The 8-Fold Path

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  • Evert Hoff
    Jan 3, 2004
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      I am fascinated by this description of how we should develop these seven
      functions of the soul. I think many people are already working on
      developing these functions without even knowing that they are on a path
      towards clairvoyance. It is as if something inside us tells us that this
      is the right way that each of these functions should operate. Obviously
      we will become clairvoyant much quicker if we consciously follow this
      path and concentrate on improving each of these soul functions. But,
      maybe life has been designed in such a way that we don't need to have
      external knowledge of such a path. We already have something inside each
      of us that is prompting our development in this direction. Given time,
      if we follow the prompts, we might all develop clairvoyance naturally.

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