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  • Danny F.
    Dec 7, 2000
      --- Michael Knaak <mi-chael@...> wrote:
      > Hi Morgan,
      > thank you for your information. Think you are at home in the UK?
      > I havn't read the book you mention... sounds interesting. But as my
      > mother tongue is german... you know.. it takes always some courage to
      > read a book in english.
      > There are many ideas refering to the coming about of races. I am
      > familiar with Steiners informations. Red usually points to the
      > mongolian
      > race (Mars)... but as such red has always been used in connection
      > with
      > native americans. redskins... a word they don't like, of course "we
      > are
      > not red, but white people when they get sunburned are red...".
      > Would I find the ethipian pictures of Michael somewhere on the net?
      > michael

      Here is an interesting website that has been revamped, and now include
      a very nice 'Anthroposophy' section.

      You might also find your 'Michael' Michael, haven't check yet...


      Best regards,

      "No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings."
      --William Blake

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