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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Dec 3 5:51 PM
      plong_plong@... writes:

      hello everybody,
      Just want everyone to know that I am no spammer. I have been following your
      discussions all along.
      My interest is on science and technology. I took a one-year holistic science
      course at Schumacher College ,UK. I also spent some time working in a
      Biodynamic Garden for four months and visiting Camphill communities. I am
      currently enrolled in a Waldorf teacher training course in London.
      I have read most of Steiner's lectures on the sciences and his ideas on the
      three-fold social order. I find his lecture on World Economy very
      interesting. There are a number of people who are promoting his economic
      ideas both in the grassroots level and on the academic arena like Nicanor
      Perlas in South East Asia and Christopher Budd in the UK.
      All the best,

      ********Glad to hear you're a real person, "plong", and not just a screen name to be used to spam the list. Seemed like the type of name they'd choose.

          I have to say that much of what I hear from people like Perlas has little relation to Steiner's "Threefold Social Order" ideas, in my opinion, but rather is people using his name to spread their own, quite different, opinions. For instance, Steiner advocated an economic sphere quite distinct and separate from the political state, which would follow only its own (purely economic) laws --- and so also with the "cultural" sphere (so, for instance, the Waldorf Schools are private schools, not run by governments). But it appears to me that many of the people saying they follow Steiner want MORE control of the economy by the government, not less. ;-> [Not to mention the anti-Western Civilization bias and blindness to the current war of Wahabbi Islam on civilization, which Steiner predicted as the result of the rise of the Sun Demon Sorath 666 in 1998, as we've discussed here.]

          I find, in my experience for many years now, that often they are just socialists or communists with a thin "coating of Steiner" on top, and once you draw them out in discussion, out come the Marxist slogans that show what they really think--- which is that the government should take over the economy "for everybody's good". That is definitely NOT the teaching of Rudolf Steiner!


      >>>I know that this list is public but a possible solution to spammers is to
      >>>ask new comers to list some of the books they have read on
      >Anthroposophy and to ask them to write you a short essay on their particular interest in Anthroposophy.
      >>>In other words there needs to develop a means to weed out
      >spammers before
      >>>they join the group.
      >>>rick distasi
      >>*******Well, I'm going to do something like that---namely, note
      >and inquire of new members joining. In the past few weeks, for instance, we've
      >had new members:
      >> Renee Lattimore   (in late October)---- and then in November:
      >> Brent Wilson of Kansas City
      >> "Dragonfliesare dancing"
      >> G. Renquist
      >> "biblia1703" from the U.K.
      >> "Vindexeuropa" and
      >>"plongplong0525". (The last one I suspect is another spammer.)
      >>Why don't you all introduce yourselves and say what you're
      >interested in seeing on this group?
      >>   And by the way, another reminder: Christmas is approaching
      >(Advent starts Nov. 30th), and we traditionally take a book to study together for
      >the 12 Holy Nights here. What might people be interested in reading
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