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2280Oriental Wisdom

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  • rickbobbs
    Dec 1, 2003
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      Dear Joel, and Folks;
      Here is an interesting account by Steiner of the foundation of
      ancient Indian wisdom. It needs to be read in context with the
      posting under 'Folk Souls':

      "Now it is extremely interesting, - I have said that conditions
      will be touched upon which you must meet with your spiritual
      understanding, which must be clothed in ordinary words because no
      language has yet been created which would make all this credible and
      clear; one has to express everything in words which can depict the
      facts somewhat figuratively, which however correspond to an important
      fact in the evolution of humanity, - it is extremely interesting and
      important to follow the evolution of humanity in more recent times;
      it is important to know that a reciprocal agreement was once arrived
      at between one of those guiding Spirits of the Peoples, who is a
      normal Archangel, and one of those Spirits who work inwardly as
      Spirits of the Thought-forces, an abnormal Spirit of Personality, and
      in a certain historical epoch the serious and important result of
      this agreement is to be seen. In order to make this agreement more
      especially complete, a harmonious relationship was established with
      the corresponding abnormal Archangel, who was the guiding Spirit of
      Language at that time; so that there was a point in the evolution of
      mankind, when so to speak, the normal and abnormal Archangels worked
      together and when, besides this, the worked in as an additional
      impulse the kind of thought which was brought about from within by an
      abnormal Spirit of Personality. The agreement made between these
      three parties was reflected in one particular people. That was the
      Indian people, who introduced the post-Atlantean civilisation in the
      first post-Atlantean age. It was during this Indian civilisation that
      the constellation arose in which these three Beings were able to work
      most harmoniously together. The consequence of this is that all that
      we may call the historical role of this Indian people. Even in those
      ages of which the historical traditions still remain, the effects of
      what was formerly concluded in that agreement still continue to work.
      That is the reason why the ancient sacred language of the Indians
      acted with such power and produced those mighty historical effects in
      civilisation, and why it could act so powerfully even in succeeding
      times. This power was brought in by the abnormal Archangels who
      worked in the language. The power of the Sanskrit language rests upon
      this agreement of which I have just spoken. And again the unique
      Indian philosophy, which as creative thought acting from within man
      has not yet been equaled by any other people in the world, also rests
      upon it; the inner completeness of thought belonging to the Indian
      culture rests also upon this agreement. In all other parts of the
      world we observe different conditions; but in all of them there could
      at that time be observed what has just been described. Hence it is so
      infinitely fascinating to follow up these trains of thought, which
      take the peculiar form they do, because they have not proceeded from
      the predominance of the normal Archangel over the abnormal one, but
      from their harmonising so completely, because each thought was
      actually absorbed by the temperament of the people and was lovingly
      spun on into details at that time when the Indian people represented
      the first blossom of the culture of the post-Atlantean epoch..."
      (Ibid, pp.25-26)

      Thanks for you interest, Rick
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