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2225Re: [Steiner] Elbert Benjamine

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    Nov 21 12:43 PM
      On 11/21/03 9:59 AM, "DRStarman2001@..." <DRStarman2001@...> wrote:

      >> In a message dated 11/20/2003 10:16:19 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      >>sirius777@... writes:
      >> Hello
      >> I have been wondering if the work done in horary astrology by Elbert
      >> Benjamine (C.C. Zain) is compatible with Dr. Starman's astrology and the
      >> Soul calendar given by Rudolf Steiner?
      >> Thank You
      >> C
      > ******* He's a curious figure, who built on the earlier sytem of the Golden
      > Dawn and gave it his own twists. My impression is that he was an occultist
      > just using his own intellect and speculating, like most, and had developed
      > nothing like the insight into the occult symbolic language that Steiner had.

      Thank you Dr.

      It has only been since joining this group that I have really heard of the
      man Steiner. As time goes by and topics are discussed; I am slowly
      beginning to see that Steiner is contained in many of the subjects which I
      have studied yet until now I had never recognized his name or influence.
      Kind of weird to me, actually. Another thing I have noticed is that I feel
      more and more comfortable in studying Steiner now that I don't confuse him
      with Wilhelm Reich. Kind of a crazy thing for me to have been doing, maybe
      even an unfortunate byproduct of the Internet's approach to information

      At any rate thank you and thank you to the whole group for sharing such an
      in depth knowledge of Steiner and esoterica.


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