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2223Re: [steiner] A question on the signs

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Nov 21, 2003
      eyecueco@... writes:

      The translation of the 1912-13 Calendar of the Soul is now available from AP for $30.00.
      The origin of both Calendar of the Soul and the drawings is discussed in the  AP Holiday Catalog on page 14-15.

      *******That's interesting, I'll have to see what's in it.

      > ******* They are pictures of stages in the evolution of the World and Man as
      >revealed in occult history. Steiner described this sequence in several lectures,
      >for instance in Lecture 7 of Egyptian Myths and Mysteries (Sept. 9, 1908). The
      >first physical appearance of the human body was a sort of fish-like being; an
      >early stage of it was called the Water-Man. It was unisexual until the stage
      >of the Skorpion was reached.

      >>Actually, it seems the idea for the Calendar originated with Marie von Sivers
      and Imma von Eckhardstein in 1911 when they were on vacation in Portorose. 
      According to the write up on pags14-15, they presented the idea to Steiner
      and von Eckhardstein was "given the task of illustrating the calendar", "following
      Steiner's indications for new monthly zodiac images, as well as for other images".
      "She was also advised to meditate each morning on the rising sun"  in order to
      come up with illustrations.
      After reading this I'm not so sure I see these drawings being "pictures of
      stages in the evolution of the World and Man" so much as arising from this
      woman's predawn activity?

      *******No, if you read Steiner's indications and Eckherdstein's recollection of them, as published in the "Beträge zur Rudolf Steiner Gesamtausgabe" in 1972, he said explicitly that "each picture stands for one Cosmic Epoch" ("Jedes Bild steht da fur eine kosmiche Epoche.")

         If we study them together, I'll put the sketches and handwritten notes here and translate the indications for each. It then becomes very clear----for instance, the first beginning of the Earth as described in Cosmic Memory and An Outline of Occult Science is when the egg-shaped astral bodies of men emerge out of "Mother Night" (the "pralaya" between the Ancient Moon and the Earth "manvantara") and are brought to a dark, warm etheric earth-sphere. To give a quick approximate translation of Steiner's handwritten indications for the Fishes: "It begins with the Fish. The Earth-seeds step out of the World-Sleep into dark warmth."

         Then he specifically identifies some images as being the Moon-recapitulation, Sun-recapitulation, etc.

         I doubt the idea "originated" as described in that write-up: more likely Steiner was already at work on the Calendar, and Marie and Imma suggested it should include a new version of the 12 zodiac signs and Steiner, as always, incorporated will-impulses coming from co-workers into what he was doing. His instructions to the artist to meditate on the rising sun is surely to sense what cosmic influences the sun is absorbing each day, just as you sense what "sign" the Moon is in each night.

      Dr. Starman
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