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2218Re: [steiner] Celebrating Michaelmas & the stars

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Nov 20, 2003
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      In a message dated 11/18/2003 1:25:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, JP@... writes:

      Which Archangel is associated with which sign and season? 
      And how?  

      *******The way I have learned to experience these is through the use of the Calendar of the Soul mantras I post here each week. (That of course is reversed in the Southern Hemisphere, so it does indeed have to do with the "seasons"----NOT the stars themselves.)

        In the summer we are drawn out into the cosmos while in winter we are withdrawn into the earth again. When we begin to be "breathed out" of the earth, that is the Easter-time with the image of the Resurrecting God. Then we feel we transcend our bodies, feel our spiritual selves in a sort of waking-dream state all summer (e.g., "A Midsummer Night's Dream"). When we are "breathed in" again in Autumn, fear can grip us as all the summer life dies away----hence the courageous image of Michael the Warrior Archangel was placed before the early Christians. This is the time for courage and overcoming the Dragon Force of the body which can overwhelm us. The Winter is when we, withdrawn into ourselves, "hear" the "Sound Ether" ringing with the new formative forces for the year to come----hence Gabriel is pictured as a musician, sounding the trumpet. The spirit rising above the body in spring is identical with the forces of Healing (both "heal" and "holy" come from the same source, and doctors in olden times were always also priests in the temples), and this is Raphael, the Archangel of Healing, as in the story of Tobias (and Taurus was the sign of St. Luke, the Physician). Less is known about the archangel associated with Summer, Uriel (same as Ariel?).

         You can go back into old mythology to investigate further----but keep in mind that in prior ages the same ones might not have ruled the same seasons. Back then we were striving to come into the body, while now we are seeking to rise above it. And of course, even recent myths from the Southern Hemisphere would likely be reversed.


      *******The 4 Royal Stars are the bright (first-magnitude) stars in the 4 Fixed Signs of the Zodiac. These (Bull, Lion, Eagle &Angel-Man) are the 4 Beasts of Ezekiel's vision, which reappear in the Book of Revelation, and which Steiner connected to the 4 main Archangels which rule the seasons, and the 3 great systems of Threefold Man, the nervous, digestive and circulatory system (and the human part that co-ordinates all).

        Another insight into these can be found in ancient Egyptby studying the "Canopic jars", the 4 "Sons of Horus".

         What are now called 4 Archangels were most often called 4 Gods in olden times.


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