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2196Re: [steiner] The List-

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  • yahoo@stuntpope.com
    Nov 19, 2003
      There should be on option to set the forum to "closed" so you would
      have to join and become a member before being able to post to the

      That'll do it in a lot of cases, since this spam is just coming
      off of robots and the address is now probably on a list that's been

      On Wed, 19 Nov 2003, Social Artist wrote:

      > This group is obviously now on the official list for
      > advertisers, and it's getting out of hand.
      > Dr. Starman-
      > I'm wondering if there is some sort of feature that
      > enables people to view what's written in this
      > newsgroup but requires an authorization from the
      > administrator of the list in order to post.
      > Thank you-
      > George
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