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2182Re: [steiner] So, what does anyone think of this Harmonic Concordance?

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  • Cheeseandsalsa@aol.com
    Nov 9, 2003
      I checked out wholelifetimes.com/astrology by complete synchronicity this evening. Have not visited that website before.  Their explanations seemed very concrete. In the past three days I have felt extreme clarity and I mean extreme and visual clarity as well.   But this is (I mean astrosophy) my least explored subject in anthroposophy. Is this just accidental?  I am very serious when I mention clarity.  So any further input would be much invited and explored. I feel like what could be is.  You see for a few years now I have felt like I have been trying to bridge a gap between anthroposophy and "new age" thinking (dare I say)>  Harmony,Chantel
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