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2171So, what does anyone think of this Harmonic Concordance?

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  • Joel
    Nov 7, 2003
      Coming this weekend to a planet near you.


      "The hexagonal outer frame of the of the chart is called a Grand
      Sextile. However, this pattern, in the compatible, feminine Earth
      and Water signs, is very rare, and this one is especially unique,
      since its widest orb is just some five and a half degrees (for the
      Sun and Moon) among all the planets, and it includes a total lunar

      Briefly, the Grand Sextile pattern in astrology signifies the mutual
      and unobstructed flow of energy between six planets through a
      sequence of sextile (60°) aspects.2 Add to that, the flow of energy
      that each of the six main planets in the configuration receives from
      two other trining planets, and one may see that the path of that flow
      between and among those six planets is wide open. This effect is only
      enhanced by the aforementioned tight aspect orbs among the planets.
      In essence, this energy flow creates a very powerful vortex, the
      exact likes of which does not occur in the 6,000 year span between
      3000 BC and 3000 CE that I have personally researched, and perhaps a
      good deal longer.3

      Aside from the phenomena of the Grand Sextile, the planetary energies
      present at each of the pattern's six "stations" are very appropriate
      to a moment that would carry the astrological signature of the
      Ascension. Consider the qualities of the planets as they are
      represented through the metaphors of astrology:

      The Sun - the primal energy; the cause for being; masculine in
      nature; the basic will and vitality that inspires life; our
      creativity and conscious aim;that which expresses the best of who we
      The Moon - the archetypical feminine; the mother; the personal
      subconscious mind, memory and imagination the; tidal ebb and flow of
      emotion; the avenues of habit and instinct; the shelter of home,
      Jupiter - the king of the gods; beneficence, good fortune and
      expansion; the publication of ideals; the higher mind, wisdom and
      enthusiasm; generosity, optimism and increase on all levels,
      Mars - the courage, desire, energy and willingness to act; the
      stimulation of passion; the ability to be the spiritual warrior,
      Saturn - the physical bones of the Earth and our bodies; the
      disciplinarian and 'tester' of our metal; the limitations of the
      physical; endurance, perseverance, and stability, and finally,
      Chiron - the crystal rainbow bridge between physicality and
      spirit, the inner and outer planets; the wounded healer; Christ
      consciousness; initiation; the interface between God and Godling.

      Could anyone want a better group of complimentary traveling
      companions for the voyage to the Ascended World?

      The fact that a total lunar eclipse is part of the Grand Sextile
      pattern adds to its significance immensely. In at least one
      viewpoint, an eclipse carries the implication of the beginning of
      some important undertaking or the bringing to fruition of an issue
      that had its conception at an earlier time. This eclipse could just
      so mark one of those milestone events on a global level.

      While the eclipse is one of the defining elements in the chart, it is
      only one of several factors that make it unique. Remember, the chart
      is not "place specific." That is to say, that since the Grand
      Sextile pattern arises from between planets only and does not rely on
      any "moving" point of the chart, such as the Ascendant or MC (as was
      the case with the Gaia Mind Day chart that was circulated for January
      23, 1997), it is in effect, at the moment of the eclipse, at any
      location on Earth."

      Don't know about Chiron (not really a planet anyway) but the others
      figure prominently into the previous/future Earth stages in
      Anthroposophical teachings, yes?
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