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2153A question on the signs

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  • Pierre Gringiore
    Nov 3, 2003
      Chantal wrote:
      Question:  I have seen the drawings of all the signs of the zodiac before and am left wondering.  What do they mean? 
      Dr Starman replied:
      I have the original sketches with his notations in German on them. I believe Franky the eurythmist here also has them. We could take the zodiac drawings and work with what they are supposed to represent once each month if people are interested.
      Firstly let me thank Dr Starman for his recent response to my question about planetary relationships.  Anyone who is working with 'Cosmic and Human Thought' as I am will find much in it that is useful.  I would like to brood a little before commenting further.
      I would also be interested -- if it is at all possible -- in seeing the original sketches for the zodiac drawings.  I have to admit that I find the sketches by Imma Von Eckhardstein to be a little unclear in their meaning.  For example the current sign, Libra, has a thin band between the sun and the cross -- this gives the impression of being a wave coming in on a shore.  If this is so, it would imply that the four elements have been included in the image -- but I cannot be certain.  The content of many of the other images is equally unclear.
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