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  • Derek
    Nov 1, 2003
      Dr Starman writes;
      .....the'lifting free' of the economic life from the political and
      cultural spheres previously restricting it was the concomitant
      phenomena to the human Spirit first becoming truly free of the soul
      about the 15th century, which is the reason for our modern
      consciousness, starting with the Renaissance, Reformation & the free

      Do you not recognise the misuse of freedom by the multi-national
      I notice that no-one on this site (at least within the past 2 or 3
      months) has mentioned "threefolding" an idea started by Rudolf
      Steiner in several books.
      "Threefolding GA 305 RSE 692
      Threefolding the social order GA 305 RSE 840
      The threefold order GA330 RSE 252

      Freedom is a function of the cultural sphere, fraternity of the
      economic sphere as equality is of the political or "rights" sphere.

      Read Nicanor Perlas, an anthroposophist from the Philippines in his
      support for "civil society" the 3rd "leg" to balance the economic
      hegemony of the multi-nationals and the political power of the
      nation states.
      to find out about him , and
      to see some of his book titles

      Might we no be seeing in this century the
      'lifting free' of the CULTURAL life from the political and ECONOMIC
      spheres previously restricting it'

      GA=Gesamtausgabe = collective works of Rudolf Steiner
      RSE= Rudolf Steiner in English
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