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210Re: [steiner] Re: Gospel of John Over 12 Holy Nights

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  • Morgan Vierheller
    Dec 3, 2000
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      "Duncan J. Fernando" wrote:

      > That's a very interesting verse, Morgan, but does it mean that
      > none of us will become truly enlightened until after death?
      > Sena,

      Steiner writes in many of his books (especially The Syudy of Man) about the
      work we do between falling asleep and waking as a an opportunity to get in
      touch with that part of ourselves that we join after death. Thus, we bring
      our experiences to this dream time each night and do some very important work.
      You might say we have opportunities for enlightenment every time we sleep. It
      is this that is referred to in the verse.


      > >
      > > I look into darkness.
      > > In it arises light.
      > > Living light.
      > > Who is this light in the darkness?
      > > It is myself in my reality.
      > > This reality of my Ego
      > > does not enter into my Earth existence.
      > > I am only an image of it.
      > > But I shall find it again
      > > when I-- with good will for the spirit
      > > shall have passed through the portal of death.
      > >
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