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  • Sena Fernando
    Apr 28, 2000
      --- In steiner@egroups.com, "Lorraine Jarvi" <ljarvi@p...> wrote:
      > I was surprised to find a Steiner category in e-groups and see that
      > it hasn't been in existance long. My children attended Waldorf
      > elementary schools and I have taught (for one year only) in a
      > pre-k. It was enough time to develop a healthy respect for
      > anyone who works with 15, 3 1/2-year-olds and claims to enjoy it! I
      > have been studying Anthroposophy off and on since about
      > 1985. I have found it to be the most enlightening and fruitful
      > I have yet encountered. I especially find the Threefold Social
      > Order information fascinating, because I feel it has so much to
      > and is so sadly ignored. I'm hoping someone else might join the
      > group who also has this interest.
      > A little about me - I have been married for 19 years, and my husband
      > also studies Anthroposophy. He is more "scholarly" about it
      > than I, as he tends to have very disciplined philosophical
      > tendencies. There is a world of difference between the way
      I "study"
      > Steiner and the way he does, though we usually come to the same
      > conclusions and have a lot of fun stimulating each other's
      > We have 4 children, all teenagers. I'm currently an elementary
      > special education teacher in the public schools. Not surprisingly,
      > I'm not finding many people to talk with who are interested in
      > exploring an Anthroposophically-based developmental perspective
      > regarding children, so to channel my frustrations productively, I
      > myself to the task of writing a paper containing no
      > Anthroposophical jargon that could give a broader or more
      > perspective on the problems and limitations of public
      > education. I've actually shared it with my principal and a couple of
      > other colleagues, and either get no response or a polite, but
      > nervous and tentative, acknowledgement. If the point isn't to
      > increase productivity or marketable skills, they just don't know
      > to do with it. If anyone is interested in education issues and
      > like to read it, I'd be happy to share.
      > Hope to hear from someone soon -
      > Lorraine

      Hi Lorraine,
      Welcome to the group.It's so nice to make contact with people who
      are interested in Rudolf Steiner but are not fully paid-up members of
      the Anthroposophical Society! I may join the society at some time in
      the future, but at the moment I want to approach Steiner's ideas with
      an open mind and not feel pressurized to "beleive". From what I have
      read of Steiner I get the impression that this is what he himself
      would have wanted.
      I live in Bristol, England, but am originally from Sri Lanka. I
      have been working as a psychiatrist for 20 years. I am facing
      something of a crisis at the moment, suffering burn-out. I became
      interested in Steiner about three months ago when I read "The Tree of
      Life and the Holy Grail" by Sylvia Francke. I must say that I have
      not read any of his writings on education, but I have had
      conversations with people about the Waldorf School here in Bristol.
      I look forward to discussions with you and our other new member
      about Steiner's philosphy, although I probably won't be able to
      contribute much to discussions on education.
      Best wishes,
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