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1982Re: [steiner] Theosophy: spiritual vision received as a gift at every instant

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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    Oct 8, 2003

      Lee wrote: 
      By what process would the spirit world stop the seer using his soul's spiritual organs of perception?

      I wrote (though it hasn’t arrived at the list yet): 
      I can’t describe the process, but would this experience be analogous to ours when we look at a paragraph, a problem, a plant, a painting or a person without understanding -- and then, through devoted attention, we find our way (are allowed?) in?  Might this also be such a gift? 

      Doctor Starman replied to Lee’s note: 
      *******By speaking to them or not. Just as you can't hear a sound with perfectly functioning ears unless there's a sound there outside you.Wisdom is received or 'heard' spiritually. You can't make the sound happen; a spirit being must speak. That's why it requires patience to get answers to many questions.

      >>Sometimes, even in ordinary life, you don't hear a sound with perfectly functioning ears even when it is there outside you – for example, when someone’s speaking but you’re not listening. 
      Is this part of the picture of spiritual reality, that speaking and listening are interdependent?  Perhaps our listening itself needs to transform, to hear a deeper speaking. 
                     - Joseph Proskauer

      *******Yes, hearing is noth the same as listening! The correctly functioning ears are part of the body. But it is the soul which perceives ---- or, yes, does not perceive ---- by means of them. Look at "hysterical blindness", for instance, where, because of what has happened in the soul, a person cannot see, although there is nothing wrong with the physical eyes.

          Similarly, the soul must build organs for the spirit to manifest into it: spiritual eyes, ears and so forth. A person can have these, but, just as we are born with physical eyes and yet must learn depth perception, we must learn how to USE our spiritual organs of perception. Just as the child will reach out to touch the moon, or not really perceive a mountain it grows up near because it blends into the background, so we need to train our spirit-organs ro be able to realize, say, that a 'sound' is speech from a spirit-being and not just random noise---- we have to recognize a being is there speaking. Then all things are imbued with an added dimension we did not previously recognize.

         A good comparison from ordinary life might be when a person we thought we knew suddenly does something with their life that we find quite unexpected, like a person who never was musical suddenly becoming a musician. We were not really listening to the person spiritually so we find it unexpected. I had a friend years ago who suddenly switched careers and became an actor, and he later said to me that he was surprised that he ever became one---but I wasn't, as I'd seen he was a budding actor all along.

          The exercises in Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, such as those with plants, are a great developer here. As Goethe said, "Every process of Nature, rightly understood, awakens in us an organ of cognition."

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