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1981Re: [steiner] Theosophy: spiritual vision received as a gift at every instant

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Oct 8, 2003
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      In Theosophy in the addendum to chapter 3 Steiner says
      ... the spiritual researchers' work on their own soul gives them the capacity for spiritual vision; that is the point of their efforts.
      But whether they are then able to perceive something in the spiritual world in a given instance, and exactly what they perceive, does not depend on them but comes to meet them as a gift from the spiritual world. They cannot force it they have to wait until it comes ...
      By what process would the spirit world stop the seer using his soul's
      spiritual organs of perception?

      JP@... writes:

      I can’t describe the process, but would this experience be analogous to ours when we look at a paragraph, a problem, a plant, a painting or a person without understanding -- and then, through devoted attention, we find our way (are allowed?) in?  Might this also be such a gift? 

      *******Yes, Joe, as opposed to just using logic to form a judgement about a person that may be quite unlike his actual being. You have to wait until that person reveals himself to you---until you are in a receptive mood and it coincides with the other spirit being in a 'sending' mood.

         Another comparison is what Matthew just posted about--- when you are positioned rightly in the spirit world, the answer to a question you were living with suddenly is clear.  Sometime it may take years before a problem you seek the solution to is suddenly revealed to you (remember, we think with the spirit). Hence the requirement for patience.
         BTW, it was nice meeting you and a few other list members at the annual meeting of the Society in New York this past weekend.


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