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1943Re: [steiner] Celebrating Michaelmas & the stars

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Sep 29, 2003
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      >>Near midnight each night, as Mars reaches its highest point in the sky, there are two constellations visible above it, straddling the zenith to east and west:  the ‘Great Square’ of Pegasus, and the  Northern Cross (Cygnus, the swan).  (Mars has been so bright that few other stars are visible anywhere near by.).....
      I’d be most interested to hear what others may experience in their encounters with Mars and the Michaelmas sky.  

      *******It's hard for me not to notice the bright star just about directly underneath (or to the south of) Mars. It's the 'Southern Fish'--- not one of the fishes of Pisces, but another Fish in the 'southern ocean', the stream of water pouring from the Water-Bearer's jar. The bright star is Fomalhaut, the Eye of the Fish (or the coin in the fish's mouth, from the New Testament). It's one of the 4 'Royal Stars' along with Regulus the Heart of the Lion in Leo opposite, Antares the Heart of the Scorpion and Aldebaran, the Eye of the Bull of Taurus.

          Mars in Aquarius always has to do with revolutionary things--- and conjunct Uranus in Pisces foreshadows violence connected to revolutionary changes in world religions, which Uranus will bring over the next 7 years. Perhaps we can hope that by the end of that time movements that think they can advance the cause of their God with bombings will be a thing of the past, for instance.
      Dr. Starman
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