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187Re: [steiner] Re: Gospel of John Over 12 Holy Nights

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  • Duncan J. Fernando
    Dec 2, 2000
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      That's a very interesting verse, Morgan, but does it mean that
      none of us will become truly enlightened until after death?

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      > All;
      > > If you would suggest a verse, Dr.Starman, I could put it on the front
      > > page of the eGroup site for the duration of the event.
      > If I could proffer a verse from a book that we are studying in our College
      > Teachers:
      > I look into darkness.
      > In it arises light.
      > Living light.
      > Who is this light in the darkness?
      > It is myself in my reality.
      > This reality of my Ego
      > does not enter into my Earth existence.
      > I am only an image of it.
      > But I shall find it again
      > when I-- with good will for the spirit
      > shall have passed through the portal of death.
      > This is a meditation Steiner gave (London, 1923) to strengthen the ego. To
      > quote from Carlo Pietzner's book, from which this comes:
      > "It sums up the very core of the theme of image and reality, because
      > places into the divine center, into the crossing point of the two arms of
      > cross, the sleeping child of our ego.
      > (Pietzner used this meditation to sum up his chapter on Image and Reality
      > using the image that lives in many during Christmas, the Christmas tree.)
      > In this time when we need all of our strength and the nature of our study,
      > taking images into our sleep life, I thought this might be appropriate.
      > MFV
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