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1865Michaelmas celebration, MN

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    Sep 17, 2003

      Shahara - here is what I received from our local branch office.  If you need individual contact information or directions, I can provide them

      Michaelmas 2003

      Dear Friends,

      The Twin Cities Branch of the Anthroposophical Society would like to invite you to a Michaelmas Festival. The Festival will take place on Sunday, September 28, 2003 3:00 to 5:00 pm

      Minnesota Waldorf School

      You are invited to come early at 2:30 pm to learn some songs that we will do as part of the festival. This will be a community-wide celebration bringing together people connected with the various initiatives that are active in this region as well as individuals who are not part of an initiative. There is no charge for the festival, but a free-will offering will be accepted to help defer costs. The festival is intended for adults. Childcare, also for a free-will offering, will be provided. Please contact Dennis Dietzel  to reserve space for childcare.In the first part of the festival we will perform a pageant in speech, music and movement exploring the evolution of thought and freedom as it relates to Michael. We will perform this pageant together as part of the festival. Anyone wishing to take part in the speech is invited to join us for a rehearsal at the Minnesota Waldorf School on Wednesday, September 24 from 7-8 pm.

      The second part of the festival will be a talk by Robert Bucher, who will bring Michaelmas into the present by exploring the lives of various courageous individuals from whom we can take inspiration for our own lives. Robert recently completed eight years as a class teacher at the City of Lakes Waldorf School.

      Michaelmas is a festival that, for many of us, has little tradition; and for this reason, we may be unsure how to celebrate it. As a festival of individual courage it is a courageous act simply to gather under the name of Michael. We invite you to bring your Michaelmas questions and inspirations to share in a closing conversation. We hope you will join us in what will hopefully be the first of many Michael Festivals.

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      Could you send more info?
      I am in Wisconsin, but have a daughter at the U of Minneapolis.
      And I may be moving to North Carolina (on the coast) if anyone is in that

      << We are having a community gathering and celebration of Michaelmas here in

      Mpls/St. Paul. >>

      shahara lefay
      *living love & simplicity*
      "my country is the world, and my religion is to do good" emerson
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