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1862Yahoo groups changes/ Michaelmas

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  • Durward Starman
    Sep 17, 2003
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      Just a note to members that Yahoo has made some changes to these
      electronic discussion groups. Some of these they've told us about in
      advance--- for instance, attachments to messages will no longer be
      kept in the index of messages, so, if you have something you want
      others to be able to see permanently, you should upload it to the
      Files section of the list, which you reach via the group's web site.
      But apparently they have done some other things, since some people
      who for some reason want to be members but not receive e-mail have
      said they're now receiving it.

      Also, as Michaelmas approaches (the festival Steiner said we need
      so much to start celebrating again in our time), I was wondering if
      people would like to do anything together for it, or if anyone has
      any Michael mantras or verses to share. It seems that the warrior
      archangel has greater meaning to more and more people each year.

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