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1861My Take.

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  • Mathew Morrell
    Sep 14, 2003
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      Here in America a lot of parents feel equally disgusted by the
      declining moral values of the public school system, and are sending
      their children to private schools. My knowledge of Woldorf education
      is limited but it sounds as if the Steiner approach might have its
      advantages depending upon the qualifications of the teachers. The
      government will pay the tuition, through the "school voucher program,"
      if the Woldorf school is board certified by the state. The
      certification process isn't too difficult, from what I've heard.
      Private institutions like Woldorf are frequently cropping-up in urban
      areas where the public school system has seriously degenerated.
      Instead of the Ten Commandments, they have "I Have Two Mommies" and
      twelve years olds putting condoms on cucumbers.

      Mathew Morrell