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1843Re: "Resist Not Evil" (The Desert Cult)

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  • rickbobbs
    Sep 9, 2003
      >Dear Sheila, & Folks;
      Thanks for the reply; I'd be very
      interested in references to Steiner's other comments re: film. I know
      that he warned about recordings as having deleterious, attractive
      influences on departed souls (i.e., attracting them back to earthly
      affairs), due to the penetrating power of voice, but I haven't
      referenced that either. As a musician, I had an old prejudice
      about 'dead guys' clogging up the industry, and disallowing the young
      artists from making a reasonable living, or often even being heard;
      but Steiner added quite another dimension to the problem!
      I'd also appreciate your pointing to which Steiner comments
      made you think of the issue of transplants as a 'health' method...
      way back when, I wondered (and still do) how many otherwise healthy
      children starve to death for the money spend keeping deathly
      sick 'rich' folks going. Bad, bad Karma there. Also, have you
      noticed? SARS and West Nile Virus are practically hysterical in the
      press. I figure that's why the hundreds of sick US forces personnel
      in Iraq have 'deadly pneumonia' instead of SARS - symptoms are the
      same, death rate is the same (low), but if you said SARS, the press
      would have to talk about it for months, whereas 'deadly pneumonia,
      well... I've seen it reported once on CBS, then you don't have to
      talk about it. And up here in Canada we've had 2 deaths from WNV...
      but one of them was a 92 year old with pneumonia -But he died from
      WEST NILE. Even a farce like that has to be talked up.

      Take care and give care, Rick
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