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1835September 6th, 2003

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  • tvboycott
    Sep 5, 2003
      September 5, 2003

      Note to self:

      Tomorrow I will be looking toward the night sky. Toward Pleiades in
      fact. I am not sure what the sky will have to offer but I would like
      to put to paper some thoughts I have been having. Most of what I
      will say has to do with recent synchronicity. It all ties to
      thoughts I have been having since 9-11.

      There was a crop circle at Tichborne, Hampshire that appeared on June
      20, 1995 that shows a particular alignment of the planets that is to
      occur tomorrow, September 6, 2003. I started to think about this, as
      at the time it was two weeks away. I had recently felt compelled to
      start watching the night sky so this idea resonated quite strongly.

      I got the idea a few days later that I should be focusing on
      Pleiades. This is interesting because I don't really know how to
      find M45. I have the idea that I may end up looking where I am
      supposed to if the weather cooperates.

      It could also mean that I will miss it but someone with more
      astronomical knowledge will see it and tell the world. This brings
      me to, I guess, the point. I am already a believer and I don't know
      if it is hope or what but it would be nice to have something to show
      to others to help them along. So on that note I will list some of
      the things I have been thinking about that might tie in to this event.

      One other note, the `asteroid' glyph shows a small moon like object
      near Venus. Venus doesn't have any moons so perhaps it is more
      logical to focus on Venus. My intuition led me to the Pleiades. I
      had the idea that the `moon' is more like grape shot in other crop
      circles. Very important but not very well understood yet.

      Here are some pieces I hope to understand better after tomorrow:

      The Number 5.
      Pleiades and Blue.
      Jupiter is Missing.

      Things that could happen. Not predictions but thoughts.

      A G5 Solar storm? Perhaps communications and power will be knocked
      out in places all over the world. The interesting thing about this
      is with the recent blackouts in the United States and England people
      will attempt to shrug this off. You will have to choose to believe
      this event has significance.

      Perhaps it won't be obvious that anything has happened, and people
      who are interested will have to fill in the blanks at a later time
      when it is understood. This will serve to confirm those who are
      already paying attention, but will not be the wound for others to
      probe. Free will and choice have never been easy responsibilities.

      I don't really have anymore predictions, but I would like to talk
      about some thought threads that I have come across as I try to
      imagine what might happen.

      Steiner talked about ossification, that we are currently the most
      condensed we will be. I can't help but think this ties directly, in
      terms of our reality, to a frequency shift. Vibrations are changing,
      and so our concept of time will change. Not so much our concept but
      the reality of time. My wife said something that I can't escape. We
      were talking about who or what might be making the crop circles. At
      first she assumed that it had to be aliens. I asked her if it was
      possible that it might be ourselves in the future sending a message
      back in time.

      She surprised me with the thought that it might be a message from the
      past. After the shock of it passed it made a lot of sense. If we
      are still around in the future, why would we send a message back? To
      ourselves it would make no difference, the past happened and we would
      be in the now of the future. What if in the past people in the world
      realized to late its mistakes, and sent a warning cry out. Just
      maybe we are at a similar juncture that has occurred in the past and
      the prevailing frequency of the world is resonating with the warning
      or reminder from the past. I understand this thought completely. I
      am unable to articulate it completely, so I will leave it as it is.

      I have only recently become aware of crop circles and just finished
      Freddy Silva's book , "Secrets in the Fields." What struck me about
      some of the footnoted thinkers was that I have been exposed to most
      of them recently, in the past year in fact. Similar to Gary
      Lachman's, "The Secret History of Consciousness" it seems I am
      ensnared in a very distinct web of thinkers. I hope I am able to
      play my small part.

      On a final note, thoughts are things. Maybe that is all this was
      really about. I will be watching the night sky tomorrow. Seeing
      what there is to see.