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1831RE: [steiner] Re: "Resist Not Evil" (The Desert Cult)

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  • LilOleMissy
    Aug 30, 2003
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      Dear Rick and Friends,

      Thank you, Rick, for supplying the URL for the elib Forum, which no doubt
      shall prove of great interest to many, as well as sharing your thoughts
      that "dealing with evil is in the hands of superhuman beings, and that when
      men arrogate that role, they do not become superhuman, but subhuman." as
      you state below. Some of us, myself included, find this an interesting
      perspective, and one to most definitely ponder upon.

      James Stewart does indeed maintain with enormous devotion plus extremely
      difficult work a great number of Rudolf Steiner's works, as many of us have
      long been aware of and have contributed to from our own collections as well
      as adding to them. I've noticed over the years the various translations
      evolving from Steiner's original warmly careful and always enlightening
      repetitiousness towards a more concise "modern bluntness," so to say,
      although I can understand the wish of many to be faced with a more "popular

      It is kind of you to plan posting some of Steiner's passages, although I
      seem to recall his stating very often how his words should never be taken
      out of context, so to speak, but rather must remain with the whole while
      quoting him. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to search through
      my Steiner library here at home, since a large portion of the more than
      4,000 lectures plus books in my possession antedate the changed titles as
      well as the GA numbers now used. I've found referencing by date and place
      seems to work best for me however slowly it goes.

      Thank you again, Rick, for sharing your always interesting thoughts.


      --Those who cannot hear the music think that the dancer is mad.

      rickbobbs <island.bobbs@...> wrote on 8/30/03 8:36:02 PM:
      > Dear Sheila; Sorry for the rather terse posting; I ran out of time
      > and the posting I refer to gives the best idea of what I mean on
      > short notice. Basically, Steiner provides a lot of evidence that the
      > dealing with evil is in the hands of superhuman beings, and that when
      > men arrogate that role, they do not become superhuman, but subhuman.
      > The paths of Christ, as presaged by Buddha, point to the actual
      > future evolution of the human. We have to defeat our own internal
      > evil, and seeming external offences and injustices must be faced with
      > a faith in God. Reincarnation is important here... as 3 -13 St. John
      > insists, no man gets into heaven who hasn't come from it, and Steiner
      > always quipped that those who believe in life after death should at
      > least be consistant and consider life before birth.
      > Elib.com is the one site I've found that has any amount of what
      > Steiner actually wrote and said. Most others have lots of other
      > peoples ideas.... and worse! (Some are disgusting jokes) James
      > Stewart has posted about 400 lectures and several books, with the
      > best index of lectures in English I've found. The forum address is
      > www.elib.com/Steiner/Forums/eliboard.php3.
      > I'm collecting a few more passages of Steiner's to illustrate my
      > point about his view; I'll post them sometime soon.
      > Take care and give care, Rick.
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