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  • rickbobbs
    Aug 23, 2003
      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "LilOleMissy" <lilolemissy@e...>
      > Dear Sheila and Folks;
      Thanks for your interest and musings. I worked doind ecological
      surveys for years, and your comments on that vein show a pretty
      observant attitude. All the 'best' ecologists headed off to nature
      reserves and unspoiled wilderness, leaving the crucial agricultural
      lands in the hands of... greed, there's no other brief word for
      it. "Landscrape starkitechture" and "economic development" are not
      ecologically planned at all, and represent one of the most intense
      and insidious experiments on the face of the planet. The idea that
      you can put fences around a 'nature reserve' and somehow protect it,
      or stabilize the landscape, is at best a desperate fantasy, and at
      worst a planned chimera to distract people from what's really going

      The 'desert cult' has been plying its trade for millenia; you can
      read specifics in descriptions in the Old Testament, or the writings
      of old Herotodus... pretty disgusting, as are the more recent
      revivals, which are becoming more evil as they become more and more
      out of date.

      Steiner never elaborated much on the Black Magicians. The most I've
      come across in in his Mexican Mysteries and Templars cycle. But I
      happen to have a brief, early comment on file, which I've attached

      > "In the night therefore we find in astral space the sleeping
      bodies, or the pupils with their Masters, in so far as someone who
      has formed a tie which unites him with the Master, through an
      appropriate meditation, is led towards him. This is what can happen
      during the night. It is possible for everyone by immersing himself in
      inspired writings to reach the point of taking part in such
      intercourse and through this to attain to the development of his
      higher self. What in the course of some thousands of years will
      become our self is now the higher self. In order however really to
      get to know the higher self we must seek for it where it already is
      to-day, with the higher individuals. This is the communication of the
      pupils with the Master.
      "Something else that we can meet with in astral space is the
      black magician with his pupils. In order to train himself to become a
      black magician, the pupil has to go through a special schooling. The
      training in black magic consists in a person becoming accustomed,
      under methodical instruction, to torture, to cut, to kill animals.
      This is the A B C. When the human being consciously tortures living
      creatures it has a definite result. The pain caused in this way, when
      it is brought about intentionally, produces a quite definite effect
      on the human astral body. When a person cuts consciously into a
      particular organ this induces in him an increase in power.
      "Now the basic principle of all white magic is that no power
      can be gained without selfless devotion. When through such devotion
      power is gained, it flows from the common life force of the universe.
      If however we take its life-energy from some particular being, we
      steal this life-energy. Because it belonged to a separate being it
      densifies and strengthens the element of separateness in the person
      who has appropriated it, and this intensification of separateness
      make him suited to becoming the pupil of those who are engaged in
      conflict with the good powers.
      "For our Earth is a battle field; it is the scene of two
      opposing powers: right and left. The one, the white power on the
      right, after the Earth has reached a certain degree of material,
      physical density, strives to spiritualize it once again. The other
      power, the left or black power, strives to make the Earth even denser
      and denser, like the moon. Thus after a period of time, the Earth
      could become the physical expression for the good powers, or the
      physical expression for the evil. It becomes the physical expression
      for the good powers through man uniting himself with the spirits
      working for unification, in that he seeks the ego in the community.
      It belongs to the function of the earth to differentiate itself
      physically to an ever greater degree. Now it is possible for the
      separate parts to go their own way, for each part to form an ego.
      This is the black path. The white path is the one which strives for
      what is common, which forms an ego in community. Were we to burrow
      more and more deeply into ourselves, to sink ourselves into our own
      ego organisation, to desire always more and more for ourselves, the
      final result would be that we should strive to separate ourselves for
      one another. If on the other hand we draw closer, so that a common
      spirit inspires us, so that a centre is formed between us, in our
      midst, then we are drawn together, then we are united. To be a black
      magician means to develop more and more the spirit of separateness.
      There are black adepts who are on the way to acquire certain forces
      of the earth for themselves. Were the circle of their pupils to
      become so strong that this should prove possible, then the earth
      would be on the path leading to destruction." (18 Oct. 1905, in:
      Foundations of Esotericism, 1982, pp. 149-151)

      > > Take Care and Give Care, Rick
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