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178Re: [steiner] Re: Gospel of John Reading Over 12 Holy Nights

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  • jla
    Dec 2, 2000
      This is getting a bit humorous ala the Florida election. First the choice and now which hole to we punch to get the right version of the version. In AP press on line catalog there are listed three Gospel of St. John's:  one by Floris Press for 9.95 with 129 pages: the other for 12.95 with 192 pages by AP Press! and the last which we eliminated (in Relation to the Other Gospels). Are first two the same cycles with different ISBN's????


      starmann77@... wrote:

      sena@... writes:

      << I agree that there is some uncertainty about whether it starts on
      the 24th night or 25th night. Shall we agree that it will be the 25th
      night? >>

      Sounds fine. I hate to admit it but I was never exactly clear which was the
      first night.

      BTW if anyone wants to buy the book, it's $16.01 from the Anthroposophic
      Press (including $5 for UPS shipping). Or you can look for used copies at
      www.bibliofind.com or bookfinders.com. The press is at this link:
      <A HREF="http://www.anthropress.org/">ANTHROPOSOPHIC PRESS</A>


      P.S. There's also a solar eclipse Christmas day.

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