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  • Andrew Edwards
    Jul 17, 2003
      What is an ethical & aesthetic model of digital technology? Good question and if I had the answer to that then my research would be complete!  But good point none the less!!
      The main focus of my work has been developing notions of digitalsymbiosis, symbiosis between applied digital technology and the artistic and sprirutual elements of our existence.
      To this end I have been working within the realm of formtechnology, (A formtechnologist creates, investigates, manipulates and expresses form, through the symbiotic application of artistic vision and digital technology.)
      Through discussions with academic staff at Plymouth Univeristy (UK) it was suggested that such research would be of benefit to their Waldorf teacher training BA course.
      When considering the development of digital technology within a Waldorf context it became clear that special attention would need to be paid to the ethical, aesthetic and indeed spiritual impact of such work and that a model of digitalsymbiosis would need to be defined and evaluated within this context.
      I hope that makes as much sense when you read it as it did for me when I wrote it at 2.20am!
      All the best
      DRStarman2001@... wrote:
      digitalsymbiosis2000@... writes:
      I am currently undertaking research activities at Dartington College
      of Arts, Devon, UK.
      The focus of this research is to develop an ethical and aesthetic
      model of digital technology within an anthroposophical context.
      To this end I have set up a yahoo group to discuss these issues and
      was wondering if members would care to join.  These discussions and
      comments can then be added to the body of my research as a useful
      I look forward to hearing from you all,
      Andrew Edwards

      ********It's not very clear what kind of research you're suggesting. Perhaps giving more information about exactly what an "ethical & aesthetic model of digital technology" is, might be more helpful in motivating people to join?

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