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1754The Akashic Ether

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  • Mathew Morrell
    Jul 16 12:21 PM
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      Dear Group,

      Took a small step towards reading the Akashic Ether this week ---and
      may I stress, it was a very small step. I've always been a descent
      dreamer on the grounds that I remember my dreams quit easily. But a
      couple nights ago, I went a step further: I successfully read a
      numerical configuration. The number 15 lit up the ether out of which
      my dream was made, which I call the Akashic Ether: that undulating
      soul-spiritual substance of universal intelligence. Had the number
      been longer than two digits, say 10043, reading it and remembering it
      would have been far more difficult. This is because numerical
      expressions appear as if they are written backwards in the psychic
      ether, and not only backwards but sometimes scrambled. For instance,
      10043 may look like 34001 or 00134, etc. The same applies with
      words. Whole sentences appear before me, yet when I make a conscious
      effort to read the words they become extremely difficult to organize
      in my consciousness.

      Dreaming in KC,
      Mathew Morrell
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