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  • eurythmy
    May 3, 2003
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      Subject: Re: [steiner] Soul Calendar Edith Bierman announcement

        Perhaps you could expand on this more. Tell people here what the calendar of the soul is and what eurythmy forms are, etc., for those new to anthroposophy.

      eurythmy@... writes:
      Dear Starman,
      I post below an introduction to waht the Calendar is.
      As for the "eurythmy forms", in the case of the calendar they are meditaton pictures, that can also be used as choreography on stage.


      ******Well, what I meant was something more like this. An important dimension of Anthroposophy is what is usually referred to as the "speech and Eurythmy impulse" within it. A person might approach this from the side of poetry, or from the side of chanting and mantras. Any real poem---I have to say "real", because there's so much drivel that passes as poetry today---is "heard" rather than thought out. You will hear great musicians describe the same thing about where their music comes from. Music and poetry are MOVEMENTS of the soul and spirit. Something which is clairvoyantly perceptible actually moves when a poem or a piece of music is created. There are definite movements of the astral and etheric bodies. To 'feel' the piece of music or the poem, a person has to make similar movements of his own astral and etheric bodies.

           This is the origin of mantras. Initiates used to create mantras knowing just what movements they would create in their pupils when these were recited. The art of Eurythmy was initiated by Rudolf Steiner out of the same knowledge that sacred dance was created from, the knowledge of these astral and etheric forms. In Eurythmy,the entire human body traces these forms; in the allied art of Speech Formation, what the entire body does is done instead by the voice. Dr. Steiner gave out numerous indications to the first eurythmists and to the first people working with creative speech, about the gestures that underlie each sound, the vibration or color that occurs in the astral world when each one is sounded, the gestures that precede all sound in the silent world, those which follow it, etc.

         A mantra thus involves using your entire being. We must learn to breathe and speak a different way to use one aloud. Of course you can recite one silently, but even then it has a certain movement and rhythm. Some years after he gave out these fifty-two mantras called the the calendar of the soul, Steiner gave to the eurythmists "Eurythmy forms" for each of the 52 mantras. So, these are a way of experiencing a mantra through making visible the inner astral and etheric body movements which occur when the mantra is chanted.

         Just as this art can be used to experience what really lived in the soul of a poet when he created a poem or a musician when he created a piece of music, so these mantras---created from the spiritual world, embodying movements of the astral and etheric bodies--- can be experienced on an entirely other level through speech and Eurythmy.

         What Franky has been posting are the Eurythmy forms for each mantra, along with the indications about color (for use, for instance, in stage lighting, as well as determining the color of the 'veils' of the performers). One may need to a little bit of exposure to Eurythmy to work with these, but hopefully these words will be a little bit of help for people seeing them for the first time and trying to understand what they are. Perhaps Franky, you could send the forms for mantra No. 2 again, since this is the second week after Easter? Then anyone working with this week's mantra could see the movements choreographed line by line.



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