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167Re: [steiner] Re: Gospel of John Over 12 Holy Nights

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  • Duncan J. Fernando
    Dec 1, 2000
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      Could you please clarify that bit about "opening with a verse"?
      Are there verses in Steiner's book, or do you mean a verse from the
      So the suggestions for participation so far are:
      (a) Verbal messages.
      (b) Artistic activity - sharing of drawings, diagrams etc.
      (c) Sharing of relevant dreams.
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      > Fioredortica@... writes:
      > << Hi! I also meant "The Gospel of St. John" of 1908,I had been willing to
      > read it for a long time but somehow it never came into my hands. This
      > be a great opportunity for me, John the Evangelist is my favourite and a
      > study group linking people across
      > continents during the magic period of the year...well,i just find it
      > taking!
      > How do we structure it? I have never done it before (I mean the twelve
      > nights),and I have even forgot which date is the first one...could anyone
      > remind me? Thanks,
      > Gisele. >>
      > This is really the 'Michaelic use of technology', isn't it?
      > I made the suggestion initially because we're going to have a group here
      > Virginia Beach at the Church doing it. I think I'll suggest we also take
      > the Gospel of John lectures!
      > As for process, well, it's a tradition to read each lecture before a
      > 'meeting', to have a member volunteer to summarize a lecture at the start
      > the next meeting, and to have some artistic activity to engage the will &
      > feelings. Also, to open with a verse.
      > Dr. Starman
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