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165Re: [steiner] Re: Gospel of John Reading Over 12 Holy Nights

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  • Duncan J. Fernando
    Dec 1, 2000
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      Taking each of your points:
      (1)I agree that there is some uncertainty about whether it starts on
      the 24th night or 25th night. Shall we agree that it will be the 25th
      night? (People are likely to be busier with other things on the 24th).
      (2) Thanks for agreeing to the the first chapter. I have set up a
      calendar at eGroups, and I'll put your name down for the first night.
      Volunteers needed, please for the other chapters.
      (3) Other groups - I think Jeff has already sent a message to the other

      > *******Or is Christmas Eve the First Night? (It's a Sunday, incidentally.)
      > As for the structure, one suggestion I would make is for a
      > of members to take on the responsibility of summarizing a chapter of the
      > book, these summaries will be
      > posted at intervals during the 12 nights, and other members post their
      > responses.
      > *******I'd volunteer to do a summary of the first one.
      > Can someone tell us how many chapters (including preface or
      > introduction) there are in the book? >>
      > As I posted, 12---not including Marie Steiner's preface.
      > BTW I think this is a great choice, since it's one of the early lecture
      > cycles amplifying Occult Science, as well as the first on the Gospels---or
      > actually I think there was one slightly earlier cycle on the Gospel of
      > in 1908, before the May1908 Hamburg ones I assume we're speaking of; but
      > Hamburg ones also were widely circulated among the first anthroposophists,
      > and so the themes sounded in them were very influential in the Society's
      > development.
      > Say, do we want to invite folks on the other lists?
      > Dr. Starman
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