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1639Calendar of the Soul

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Apr 6, 2003
         The "Calendar of the Soul"

        Dr. Steiner gave out the 'Calendar of the Soul' , 52 meditative mantras, to enable us to experience the 'astral' (soul) events occurring within and in Nature during the year. These are well known to many anthroposophists---- but the original Calendar also had 12 Images of the Zodiac, to be meditated with each month to sense the working of the 'solar' forces in the cosmos in the day, a listing of the Moon's phases & position in the signs each night (for sensing the 'lunar' forces), and a list of saints and other spiritual figures connected with specific days.
          Here's the whole 'Soul-Calendar' restored to how it was originally meant to be used.

      This week and through April 20th we are  in a most interesting time, when the last verse of the 'Soul-Calendar'  has been reached, but it's still several weeks before we start with the first verse of the new, there being a late Easter this year. This whole time therefore falls into a time of the change from going out into the cosmos and then drawing in from it again, as can be experienced by meditatively working with the ending and beginning verses.

      of the Calendar of the Soul

      *******MANTRAM 52*******
      Wenn aus den Seelentiefen
      Der Geist sich wendet zu dem Weltensein
      Und Schonheit quillt aus Raumesweiten,
      Dann zieht aus Himmelsfernen
      Des Lebens Kraft in Menschenleiber
      Und einet, machtvoll wirkend,
      Des Geistes Wesen mit dem Menschensein.

      When out of the Soul's Deeps
      The Spirit wends its way to World-Being
      And Beauty swells into the widths of Space,
      Then is drawn from farthest Heavens
      The Life Force into human bodies
      And there becomes one, mightily working,
      The Spirit's Essence and Man's being.

      *******MANTRAM # 1*******
      Wenn aus den Weltenweiten
      Die Sonne spricht zum Menschensinn
      Und Freude aus den Seelenteifen,
      Dem Licht sich eint im Schauen,
      Dann ziehen aus der Selbstheit Hulle
      Gedanken in die Raumesfernen
      Und binden dumpf
      Des Menschen Wesen und des Geistes Sein.

      When out of the Wide World
      The Sun speaks to Man's Senses
      And Joy out of Soul's Depths
      Becomes one with Light in vision,
      Then is drawn from the Ego's Sheath
      Thinking into farthest Worlds
      And joins, dimly,
      Man's Essence and the Spirit's Being.

         This time of year we receive the Life Force from the returning Sun at Easter. The spirit within goes out into the universe and connects with that Source, from which the new life force will start flowing at Eastertide. Then we'll begin the Easter mood of 'resurrection' of our life forces, as, in our depths, our Spirit forms its annual connection with the Cosmos once again---after having withdrawn into the Earth in winter---and the etheric body is renewed through this connection to the World Spirit.

           The Sun, according to the Doctor, is under the influence of PISCES from March 9th to April 13th in our era. A symbolic image of the Fishes done from Steiner's sketches & indications is inserted below.

           The Moon positions and phases for the week are listed below along with some of the spiritual figures connected with the days.

      Sunday, April 6th. Moon Gemini.  Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyon in 2nd century. Raphael born 1483. Dürer died 1528.

      Monday,  April 7th. Moon Gemini. Egesippus (Christian writer of the second century in Rome).

      Tuesday,  April 8th. Moon Cancer. First Quarter.  Wilhelm von Humboldt died 1835.

      Wednesday, April 9th. Moon Cancer.  Mary Cleophas (who with Mary of Magdala and the Mother of Jesus in John's Gospel was present at the Crucifixion). Theophilus (Bishop of Alexandria in the 5th century). Francis Bacon of Verulam died 1626.

      Thursday, April 10th. Moon Leo.  The Prophets Daniel and Ezekiel.

      Friday, April 11th. Moon Leo.  Leo (Pope that turned back the wave of Attila from Italy).

      Saturday, April 12th. Moon Virgo. Zeno.

      The verse for the Southern Hemisphere for this week:

      *  M A N T R A  # 2 4  *

      Sich selbst erschaffend stets,
      Wird Seelensein sich selbst gewahr;
      Der Weltengeist, er strebet fort
      In Selbsterkenntnis neu belebt
      Und schafft aus Seelenfinsternis
      Des selbstsinns Willensfrucht .

      In continually shaping one's Self,
      Soul's Being becomes of itself aware;
      The World-Spirit, it strives forward
      In Self-Knowledge newly living
      And shapes out of Soul-Darkness
      The Self-sense's Will-Fruit.

      Dr. Starman

      P.S. The Moon will be seen close to the planet Saturn Monday night, April 7th, and near the planet Jupiter on Thursday night, April 10th.

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