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1595Re: Fw: [steiner] question

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Feb 20, 2003
      *******The so-called "anthroposophy" list you post to all the time, Soren, has deteriorated to the point where there's no anthroposophy at all on it, nothing but shrill political rants in place of any higher knowledge. You were one of the main causes of this, and so I'm putting you on moderated status: you and several other leftists formed your own list to express your ides there, so you don't lack a forum.

         I don't want this list to likewise deteriorate, so I'm calling a halt to the politics thread. As I said when answering Sarah's question, it's not likely to serve any good purpose, and certainly not lead to any agreement among people---it never does.

         But one simple comment. The study of Steiner and anthroposophy has nothing in common with Marxist-type political agitation and diatribes against "capitalism." In fact, they are opposites, because there is nothing spiritual whatsoever in such materialist oratory.

         As for the many misstatements in your post, such as that the Sept. 11th bombers were not "illegal aliens" (when in fact they had overstayed their visas and should legally have been deported), I won't try to correct them all, because so many corrections of fact are needed that it would just distract more from the purpose of this list.

      Dr. Starman
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