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157Re: [steiner] Which Gospel?

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  • Duncan J. Fernando
    Dec 1, 2000
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      Hi Gisele,
      Nice to hear from you. There does seem to be a
      consensus developing for the collection of 1908 lectures.
      I've just ordered a copy, and should receive it within the
      next two weeks.
      I presume that the first night of Christmas is the night
      of the 25th, and the last night is the night of 5th January.
      As for the structure, one suggestion I would make
      is for a number of members to take on the responsibility of
      summarizing a chapter of the book, these summaries will be
      posted at intervals during the 12 nights, and other members
      post their responses.
      Can someone tell us how many chapters (including
      preface or introduction) there are in the book?
      I'll check whether there is some sort of calendar at


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      > Hi! I also meant "The Gospel of St. John" of 1908,I
      > had been willing to read it for a long time but
      > somehow it never came into my hands. This should be a
      > great opportunity for me, John the Evangelist is my
      > favourite and a study group linking people across
      > continents during the magic period of the
      > year...well,i just find it breath taking!
      > How do we structure it?
      > I have never done it before (I mean the twelve
      > nights),and I have even forgot which date is the first
      > one...could anyone remind me? Thanks,
      > Gisele.
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