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156Re: [steiner] Which Gospel?

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  • jla
    Nov 30, 2000
      Why can't we read a chapter a day during the 12 days?


      Morgan Vierheller wrote:

      Sena wrote:
        (1)The Gospel of St. John
        (2)The Gospel of St.John and its Relations to the Other Three Gospels
      I cannot amend the poll without deleting all the votes already cast, so
      I must ask those who voted for this to specify which book they mean.
              Although I did not vote for it, I would bow to the will of the group.
      The book I have is The Gospel of St. John (period:)

      Since we cannot study the entire book in 12 days, I suggest we pick a chapter with images that we can meditate with at night or use to as a focus.  I am not attached to any particular chapter.

      Looking forward to what we will discuss.
      (hopefully we will decide soon, so I can read it before hand)


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