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1545Re: [steiner] Steiner about knowledge

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  • Pacbay
    Jan 12 11:46 AM
      Good restatement and my point exactly. I understood the first quote but how many others scratched their heads or used a quick delete button.
      Now, can you restate so that it is comprehensible in direct English.

      ******* There's nothing so incomprehensible there, I'd say. The first sort of knowing is what we all have when we know what we perceive. The second is attained through thinking about thinking, pure thinking in ideas rather than thinking about mere appearances of the senses, as in mathematics, geometry, etc.  It is a consciousness that remains constantly operating once it is enkindled in a man, Steiner is saying.  But although a single operation of it is not dependent on the body ("triangle" or "rational number" not being experienced by the body), yet this continuous consciousness is only attained by being in an organism. When in meditation one's consciousness is strengthened to the point that it remains conscious of itself when leaving the body, then the spiritual being is knowing spiritual content entirely free from the body. The experience of one's own thinking, of the dream state, the dreamless sleep state, etc., is completely transformed on a regular basis. Many mathematicians and philosophers reach the second but do not proceed to the third. Its cultivation is "initiation".

      Dr. Starman


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