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1513Re: [steiner] Egyptian chapter

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Dec 31, 2002
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      — Henceforth for those in the community of Christ a part of what previously was only to be attained by the methods of the mystics, could be replaced by the conviction that the divine is given in the Word which had been present....
      9) The Christian mystic seeks consciousness of the content of the “Mystery of Golgotha” – while faith causes mankind to participate unconsciously in the mystical stream.
      “In the Christ-experience a quite definite stage of initiation is to be seen. When the mystic of pre-Christian times went through this Christ-experience, then, through his initiation, he was in a condition enabling him to perceive something spiritual — in higher worlds — for which the material world had no corresponding fact. He experienced what comprises the Mystery of Golgotha in the higher world.
          Now when the Christian mystic goes through this experience, through initiation, at the same time he beholds the historical event on Golgotha and knows that in this event, which took place in the world of the senses, is the same content as formerly existed only in the supersensible facts of the Mysteries. What had descended upon the mystics within the Mystery temples in earlier times thus descended upon the community of Christ through the “Mystery of Golgotha.”
      And initiation gives the Christian mystic the possibility of becoming conscious of this content of the “Mystery of Golgotha,” while faith causes mankind to participate unconsciously in the mystical current which flowed from the events depicted in the New Testament and has been permeating the spiritual life of humanity ever since.”

      *******Good summary, Lutz. Seen from this perspective, the Christian mystic has the Christ born into him just as it was born into Jesus at the baptism at the Jordan; he dies and is reborn just as Jesus Christ died and was resurrected; and as Christ ascended to heaven, so we can ascend to higher worlds.

      Dr. Starman
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